Metlife Life Insurance For Your Quality Life

By | September 5, 2019

Metlife Life Insurance For Your Quality Life This life is full of choices. Having insurance is one of them. What to know before choosing an insurance company? What to know before choose an insurance product? What is Metlife life insurance?

Insurance, is It Necessary?

The world and people who live in it becomes so unpredictable. The growth of the amount and the people activity may cause so many condition. People work and get risk to stay alive or have a better life. Some of them do a high risk job. This condition makes some people feels unsecure. Insurance made to help this unsecure feeling.

Life Insurance Quotes
Life Insurance Quotes

Insurance is an agreement of a person with an insurance company. The person should pay to the company, so that when a bad condition happen to the person, the company will pay more. The risks that will pay and the amount a person should pay are depend on the agreement. There are so many kind of insurance this time. There are life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, and education insurance for the person. Some company offer travel insurance to protect people when they traveling. For the house and building, there is home insurance. To protect vehicle, people can choose auto insurance that covered even cars or motorbikes.

Metlife, the Insurance Company That

Metlife, Inc. is a holding corporation for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or MLIC or just call it MetLife and all of its affiliates. MetLife founded on March 24, 1868 and become a mutual company that operating without external shareholders in 1915. Metlife has customers in almost half of the countries in this world. It’s almost reach 100 million customer in many field of insurance programs and still grow. The principal’s office still located in New York City.

In 2019, the company organized into five segments:

Insurance Products

MetLife life insurance product vary based on duration and amount. Client may choose the best due to their need. Metlife also offer group insurance that will help employers.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance offer for individuals and groups. This include preferred dentis program and DHMP. Metlife has program for dentist to continue their education.


This company offer products for people with disability. This program offer for individual and groups. This product can overcome the loss of income if a person while they can’t work nomally during the injury and sickness. The policy option may vary.


MetLife is the largest providers of annuities in the world for years. It offer so many kind of products that clients can choose.

Auto and Home Insurance

The home insurance from MetLife covered many kind of property. If you’re a landlord, they can serve you. If you own your own, or you had a condo, they’re ready. The auto insurance offer many benefit for the clients, include group discount and good driver rewards.

Other Products

Beside the MetLife life insurance, it offers critical illness insurance, too. It serve financial planning, retirement planning, wealth management, banking, commercial, and residential mortgages.

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